Subject three test changes to re-establish 12 fail

Subject three test after May 1 the rectification, reestablished the 12 failed, hope that the majority of subjects will take part in the student notes that 12 of the three exam details, wishing you success in exam.
1, and not by traffic lights, and logo, and marking or police command signal driving;
2, and vehicles driving in the riding rolling lane Center real line or lane edge real line;
3, and driving car hands while left steering disc of;
4, and for block Shi bow see block or two times for block not into;
5, and sight left driving direction over 2 seconds of;
6, and for observation, and judge or operation improper appeared dangerous situation;
7, and Not around car one week check vehicles appearance and the security status of;
8, and started Qian, not through rearview mirror and to left side head, observation left, and rear traffic situation of;
9, and direction control not stability, cannot keep vehicles line movement State of;
10, and turn through junction Shi, not observation side ahead traffic situation or not through within, and outside rearview mirror observation side, and rear traffic situation of;
11, and met pedestrian through crosswalk not parking let line of;
12, and parking Qian, Does not pass back inside and outside rear-view mirror to observe, and traffic on the right side. BACK

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