Auto maintenance experts: car maintenance beware of four waste

Auto maintenance experts: maintenance beware of four waste
car owners should know to "three points, seven maintenance", conservation is not going to let the car fountain of youth, but in maintenance of the car, there are some owners take care of excess and damaged cars. Maintenance your car auto maintenance experts told to beware of four waste. A waste of the
maintenance to be too "lazy". Miss Zhao's car-deaf, she would often receive maintenance information from dealers, new cars only 8000 miles, Miss Zhao's oil has been replaced 3 times, filter changed 3 times, less than 3000 km maintenance intervals. Automobile maintenance cycle refers to the car's mileage or time intervals. High frequency of maintenance is not a bad thing, can more effectively protect the vehicle's performance, but too often it is not necessary. Mileage intervals to determine the various types of maintenance work, can keep the good technical condition of vehicle, also save on maintenance costs and the cost of repairs.
the second waste:
pursuit of high-grade petrol. Think gasoline grade, the higher the better, love the new car, two years to the car and 97th gasoline. Owners know that luxury cars have long used low grade petrol, addition will have a blast, but also areas such as power, oil consumption rising, problems such as internal engine parts damaged severely shorten engine life. Therefore, many owners like to use high-standard oil. In fact, higher gasoline label is not good, even luxury car does not mean that you must raise standard oil.
the third waste:
tire imports. Some people buy tires especially likes to emphasize "imported", Chen is. But several experienced Chen found, foreign for domestic users to launch new tires do not apply. On one occasion, new tires he runs only one mountain side had. Foreign flat road and the road conditions in the country have large differences between tires does not necessarily have a good performance on the road in the country, particularly with regard to side impact resistance clear acclimatized. After some foreign brands of tire production joint venture in the country, according to the national roads in the tyre side adds a layer of tire cord fabric, which greatly enhances the impact of sidewall, on a joint venture to produce tires in performance can completely replace the imported goods, and prices are more affordable.
the fourth waste:
the oil too much. New car owner Wang just over 5000 km, learning to see dipstick Wang "51" ran the 2000 km of high speed, fear oil may be enough to send a friend a bottle of oil to add in. But before long, his new car started burning oil. This is because Xiao Wang has too much oil in your new car. Engine crank handle on the job, the connecting rod big end will stir up drastically, increases engine power loss, also allow increased oil spillage on the cylinder wall, oil burning failure. Engine oil in the sump should be between the upper and lower lines of the control in the dipstick as well. BACK

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