Experience is King and old drivers to teach you a few tricks to keep a car experiences

Drive a decade, car 10, in constant change, from fuel to truck, maintenance experience, summed up the views of many individuals, usually lazy, said said, hope that we can talk about personal feelings.
, intermediate, economy car should be replaced within 5 years, you can save a lot of costs, General vehicle after 23 small problems will multiply, accumulating cost of maintenance, and is a huge amount of buying a used car is the same, it is best not used cars, buy 5 years later, makes sense as described above.
Second, the correct concept of used cars, yesterday, small nine asked to me: Li sets are all an accident? But, select used cars, first: upright, is body no trained impact, this can from percussion body of voice in the listening to out; second: see shelf, shelf injury has, again good of pull gold technology, also will see clues of; third: can ignored part mechanical performance, like engine, General of models 3,000 can get of; IV: don't forget has tire, this is a died number, tire of old injury is wipe not off has is cover not of, tire of using limits has a logo, removed this, also to see edge ; V: observation of the steering wheel, brake, throttle, clutch pedal wear, door lock wear.
three, stop, don't listen to the radio for a long time, do not use the vehicle to be changed, easily lead to battery; battery generally is driven by the engine to charge will not charge parking State; battery if used properly, the battery once 4 years no problem.
four, and appropriate of high speed not fee oil, most people think slammed accelerated or slammed brake must fee oil, facts not so, according to road select as soon as possible accelerated, to as soon as possible into uniform driving State; in good of road Xia, slow accelerated, led engine long time in low speed Xia, not only more fee oil, and increased on engine of loss; also, little to stepped on brake, more easy wear brake tablets.
five, and without too care you of car, car as long as also can continues to smooth to driving, on not exists too big of hidden, as long as not effect driving of problem, without easily to repair or replaced accessories, normal of replaced oil as schedule a thing, didn't necessary because a small problem to maintenance station repair has, unless is car has aging to has the repair maintenance of when.
six, remember not to fight, will hurt the power steering pump, if you must bring down the bottom, be sure to come back again, often killing particularly large-angle shot for a long time caused too high pressure oil leakage at the connection.
seven, and now most vehicles have a rear window electric heating, you place products such as cushions when the rear window, notice that the time electrical heating will not take too long. BACK

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