"In the history of the most restrictive" driving driving school charges the new rules urge rejiapei market "up"

Driving large goods vehicle test will test complex road conditions, bad weather driving, correct use of items such as lights, night lights to increase simulation test for small cars, so by driving students time training shall not take the test ... ... In late March this year, the Ministry of public security launched 17 new driving rules, stricter driver examination and certification, road, education management, and so on.
a new rule, has much influence on learner? Students will encounter a driving test questions? Drivers ' training how will the markets react? Conduct enquiries by journalists make unannounced visits, understand the Daye of drivers ' training market news.
by the Ministry of public security launched 17, known as "the toughest in the history of" driving new rules affected, Daye of drivers ' training are becoming increasingly popular, the major driving school student enrollment surged, driving schools charge entry fees are quietly rising prices, obtain a C1 driving licence only 3200 Yuan, and now were going to 3600.
and according to the head of a driving school in Daye said even raised its fee for applicants, for driving schools, excluding fuel costs, labor costs, hardware costs, "profits are still modest. ” BACK

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