Launched 17 new rules increased driver's license exams

In late March this year, the Ministry of public security traffic Administration launched 17 new rules, ask the DMV to take the driver's license of the public exams to certification strictly, and to motorists on the road driving, safety management put forward higher requirements. Especially from October 1, the driving school will test the car driver's licenses (C1 card) time training students the most attention. In addition, 17 new rules, on the theory test to increase test questions, medium goods vehicle drivers increased examination of complex road conditions, take small additional night lights of the automobile driver's license exam content concerns.
under the new rules: the driver of a car road tests randomly selected sections of the exam, and a computer evaluation and manual evaluation mode. Large and medium sized vans to make night driving test all, small cars to increase the simulated lighting test. For medium and large van drivers will be the continuous sharp road bends, water near cliffs, snow day, wet road driving examination, mountains, tunnels, steep, complex conditions such as highway-road driving test.
it is understood that, in the current test, C1 trainees do not have night lights use of driver's license exam, the new rules require that all school students are required to perform night lights test, this is a good thing for drivers, coaches must teach this project, some students from the source drive does not use car lights. BACK

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