Drivers ' training hot market participants ahead of the "11" front clearance

16th, the reporter interviewed Daye several driving schools found that many people came to ask for driving test fees at the prices. "I heard under the new rules effective October 1 to enhance the difficulty, while there is no increase, and quickly to driving school to learn. "Members of the public said Mr Hu, his school signed up as early as last February, but there has been no time to learn. "Now not too busy to find the time to learn, if you can't get a driver's license before on October 1, after estimate was more difficult to get. "
ye XING driving school a staff surnamed Hu told reporters that under the influence of new rules, such as Mr Hu, before driving a little time to learn, to driving test, more and more people now, are before October 1 in order to be able to pass the exam.
"previous cars need not queue up, people have to queue up to learn now. "Daye safe driving school heads said that since the new rules since the launch of the Ministry of public security traffic management Bureau on 17, driving the sharp rise in the number of enrolled. BACK

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