Driving school instructor General of "error"

When you get a driver's license, ever thought of driving instructors teach you skills and some wrong.
it's not the coach's fault, because they are some of the driving way over ten years ago.
but they are wrong. Within a decade, car performance in China has changed dramatically, and many "skills" under the rapid development of vehicle electronic systems have become redundant; experience in automotive technology and increasingly sophisticated today as an error.
"common problem" instead of "common mistake" alarming. Here are more commonly driving school instructor "errors".
the first mistake: low gear
This is 95% into these coaches make mistakes: "car for a second, retaining as much as possible." Driving more older drivers and coaches, the more adamant that should be driving, they tend to shift when engine speed 1600-1800rpm. One jeep drove very carefully, rarely more than 2000rpm, because his coaches have tried "turn low fuel, the engine is good", but the Passat only travel over more than 5,000 miles on the engine wobble, valve carbon deposit.
causes: engine and vehicle in China in the past, from the material, design, process and debug levels are unacceptable with high speed and high speed test, so only low speed low speed. Meanwhile, from the physical theory of friction, high speed low engine wear than r and go into gear in some short-duration test is relatively fuel-efficient driving.
what went wrong:
1. the current engine was designed according to work at high speed, various parts of dynamic balance and moment of inertia parameters as reference values are based on high speed design, engine materials and precision without "protection." If the engine is abnormally low for a long time working jobs, natural increase load and wear of internal parts, wobble and stalks are frequent.
2. engine burning low transfer window for a long time is not sufficient, some parts have accumulated carbon, some parts will stick sticky unburned oil paste, further contributed to inadequate combustion, vicious cycle fuel consumption will rise.
the second mistake: Cha
some experienced coaches will teach some skills, such as "brakes" – in order to minimize the frequency of brake release brakes and then slam on the brakes, and so on. They will declare a vehicle when the brakes on a rainy day to avoid rotating or overturn. Causes of
: the original auto ABS are not configured (anti-lock braking system), a brake wheel lock, vehicle based on the thrust of "brake" can be alleviated to a certain extent vehicles under with force at some point, and can be slightly changed direction during the braking process, avoiding obstacles.
what went wrong: the ABS has now become the standard configuration for most cars, at the time of the emergency brake, electronic control per second "point brake" 10-18. Once you have the electronic AIDS, artificial "point brake" is redundant.
third mistake: cornering brake
due to the amount of advance braking reserved enough or is lack of awareness, many coaches used in the corners slightly slowed down, and leave the main deceleration time in the corners.
form reason: this is an instinctive habit, due to bring people caution about the speed curve, from coaching to students will be used in the corners to step on the brakes, so that the inside is more practical.
what went wrong: into the bending with brake can lead to left and right wheel brake pad wear is obviously different, long-term bending brake will affect the vehicle's brake balance. Vehicle at the time of entering the turn, friction has been decelerating, but the force is not the same as the round, brake will increase the power difference between the rounds, affect the left-right balance of the car, increasing the roll rate.
the fourth mistake: finish stepping on clutch brake
phenomenon: in order to avoid driving during the novice or student "died", coaches will often "half linkage" spread, allow students to step on the clutch, brakes is encountered, the first step on clutch and brakes. Some people down the long slope, unconsciously, to adopt such a way to prevent an emergency brake "died". Causes of
: the most commonly encountered problem is due to the new car without stepping on the clutch and "died", the coach also love their cars often "reset" always stresses the students to "pay attention to step on the clutch", resulting in students ' first step on the clutch, even some students left foot has not completely leaving the clutch pedal.
wrong in where: left feet in normal driving Shi not completely left clutch pedal, car slightly has bumps, on will effect clutch tablets of contact, both shortened clutch tablets life and loss power; first stepped on clutch again stepped on brake, is gave up has engine brake, is equal to "empty block glide brake", will brake task completely handed has brake system, this in downhill Shi especially dangerous. Entirely on brake system brake, brake pads and heat, if a long steep slope, brake pad thermal decay can lead to brake failure and tragedy.
the fifth mistake:
listen up retaining coaches are used to teaching staff, "hear the engine sound to the extent of that kind of buzz, l block."
form reason: most cars there is no tachometer, and the speed of the engine under low speed slightly higher apparent engine ROAR can be heard. In the case of models and engines feature relatively simple, this judgment is "experience".
what went wrong: different engine operation conditions cannot be simply based on sound judgment. Engine sound coach said "this level", in different models of engine speed, and better engine 4000rpm noise would not make people feel bad, not up to the "buzz". BACK

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