Beginner driving most avoid it?

Today, accelerating the pace of the car moves, novice drivers are increasingly seen, then, just start driving very sensitive to what?
avoid panic before driving should be psychologically prepared, try to relax and don't be nervous. Strained easily flustered, so that the movements do not dare to do, but dare not go, to stop but can't, easily lead to accidents.
to avoid nasty driving adventurousness, impatience, not. Mood irritable, easy loss, caused by operating errors. Should not be tired to see, can go without delay, can't do not freeze.
almost avoid beginner driving there is a misunderstanding, think driving fast is riding high. In fact, Visual vehicle speed and keep a safe distance with the true skill. Because only "you me, you I slowly, you stop, I stop" is the guarantee of safety.
bogey beginning to drive because the drive is not ripe, "repository", but it should never be passionate, cultured. Since driving is not strolling, impulse is equal to incident
envy greed beginner driving mood it is common sense, driving for too long is not good, is the psychological tension cause high blood pressure, physical fatigue; the second is caused by overactive brain of paste, can't tell driving behaviors is correct or not. After only a few stops to analysis, is improving. Of course, the best coaching, combined with the drive to explain main points.

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