Driving training

The primary stage

Primary stage--Foundation driving, and Foundation style driving
teaching requirements
(1) master right of level car action and driving posture: by requirements right application the operation device;
(2) learned engine of right up moving, and warming, and picked up depending on and stopped out of operation way;
(3) master started, and parking, and added document, and reduction document of operation Essentials gentle sequence;
(4) can in qualified size of site within for line, and curve "8" glyphs circle driving;
(5) the drivers in the correct order, and coordinate all actions consistent with safe operation requires.
teaching content
(1) level car action and driving posture;
(2) Steering disc, and transmission manipulation rod, and standing car brake manipulation device, and clutch device pedal, and brake pedal, and accelerated pedal of operation way;
(3) various instrument, and guide lamp, and warning lamp of recognition; various switch, and knob of application;
(4) shutters manipulation handle, and ventilation window manipulation handle, and shade Board and cab within other auxiliary device of application;
(5) engine of up moving, and long temperature, and picked up depending on and stopped out;
(6) car started, and parking of operation order and way;
(7) according to road or vehicles power, and speed, situation, master for document opportunities, for high, and low-grade swap of way;
(8) predictive brake and Sentinel parking and the emergency brake;
(9) field within line forward, and reversing, and curve forward, and reversing;
(10) "8" glyphs March. BACK

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