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Learner driving seven considerations

Learner driving test, for many people it's not a simple matter, usually practiced well, formal examination start, mind blank, Essentials of so-called forgotten. Actually driving the most important is the cautious, coupled with some ideas and I believe you can go through.
when shifting direction deviation
mainly held the steering wheel too tightly. Shift not tightened his grip on the steering wheel, the problem would not have arisen. When shifting a little pause in neutral position, second for three when you shift to special attention not to go to the five-block. Shift two gears light should come on, to walking speed change second gear.
wheel of time
turning left when the road narrows the front right corner and roadside tangent direction; turn left path width can be slightly ahead. Turn right when the road narrows the front left corner and roadside tangent direction; turn right road width can be slightly ahead. Or see the Tau biting edges on the line was opened all the way, the front is biting the curb line, that the bite when you start your car, the word "bite".
principles of turning direction: slowly bend (early, slow early, slow), sharp (late, early, fast).
turn to pay attention to the right do not scratch or rear wheel sailed out of the pavement, taking note of inner wheel difference. If roadside obstacles, obstacles and almost parallel to the direction. After turning in the car will not start. Don't wait the full straight back after the car, from directions to car return with an uphill start stall
is black and did not look up when they put the hand brake, and clutch head lift up a little too fast on sake.
right way: hold the hand brake and slowly lift the clutch, was carried on the front step on the clutch fixed, quickly put the hand brake, cars go 2-3M distance, then clutch head slowly lifted out and then light come on for second.
disposable turn play second turn lights
forget/> turn at once: the right light, hit the brakes, pull over and speed down and step on the clutch down to first gear, left rear-view mirror, found no car with tail left lights. Call a slow go, right foot resting on the brake ready to brake, turn back.
must start start specification: push in clutch and replace it with a block, turn signals, Horn, mirrors and rear-view mirror around, finally let go of brake, slowly lift the clutch started. Starting on the road after the direction is attention to turn off your lights. After the Park must first pull Handbrake, neutral, clutch and brake, turn towards the light. Different gear when slowing down
/> brake
first gear and clutch operation did not not brake, clutch and brakes.
second when first stepping on the clutch and brake, the car can go an extra linkage, handle, and throttle and gear.
four-gear, five-gear when slowing down to look at the situation, before a lot of people and vehicles, brakes, speed forward and back to second by second; in front of small, a slight brake for third gear, foot hook on the Accelerator can be passed on.
turn: right angle, crossroads, camber is large slow turning second pass, camber is moderate use of third gear.
uphill: Add throttle, no brakes, loose gas equivalent to brake, shift is not allowed.
examination must be calm, do not worry. A nervous forgotten anything, action is not standardized. To be cautious!

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