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Avoid fatigue driving tips

Fatigue driving tips for avoiding
to arrange sufficient and regular sleep, 20-30-year-olds need more than 7 hours of sleep, over the age of 30 the best guarantee for more than 8 hours of sleep.
If drivers already feel sleepy or tired, don't drink, because alcohol may make you feel more tired and lack of awareness.
try not usually used the period of sleep driving. Because the situation is different, people's sleep time is not consistent. Because the body is based on a rhythm and pattern work, upset the rhythm will be adversely affected.
before driving to see their status, if you are feeling physically or mentally reluctantly, never managed to drive, because fatigue is likely to take advantage of in a very short time.
changing driving environment can greatly improve the feeling of fatigue while driving, such as window opens, a strong wind can temporarily increase the excitement level of the driver.
standing in a car some of the exciting food or medicines are also good ways to cope with fatigue. Many drivers will tackle when tired to wipe some essential balm, or mint flavor of gum.

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