Learning skills

Traffic should pay attention to what matters

Note 1: before entering the tunnel slowed down to turn on the light
a lot of people may think that the tunnel driving and driving at night should be no different, right? But, tunnel in the lane also about skills, if is day driving, into tunnel of while light moments variable dark, often at people eye will short time within to adapted, so in into tunnel Qian 100 meters around should reduced speed, opened car from, while opened big lamp, keep relative slow some of speed security into tunnel in the, general speed don't over 60km/h, specific of can according to tunnel Qian of limited speed tips to driving.
Note 2: open safe enough distance between
also like in particular to stress the distance here, because of light passing through tunnel varies widely, eyes momentarily blinding, so a lot of people will subconsciously take a foot brake, and cars may be entering the State of blindness, so keep a far distance to ensure adequate security. Driving distance to stay above 100 meters inside the tunnel, if the tunnel is long, you need to correspond to the tips to keep safe distance.
Note 4:
is not allowed to change lanes due to poor in particular out of the tunnel in the tunnel of light, and are usually only two or three lanes of traffic, therefore no change lanes inside the tunnel, be sure to follow their Lane, overtaking is not possible.

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