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Selected driving six way for you to list

Selected driving what are the rules? Selected driving schools to pay attention to what? Quality driving school how to judge? Hyatt lists six rules for the selected driving school for you.
now comes as the cart season, driving schools every day an endless stream of enrolment students, in the vast driving, how to choose the right driving school?
1. fee ask clear
now all driving school tuition is not a big gap, there are two main kinds of quotations, is a "charge", including time fees, regulatory fees, examination fees, training fees, books, student sex money does not charge any fees. Comparatively high near urban areas, exurban counties relatively low; the other is "timed training", other fees charge or free of charge. Some driving schools offer very low prices, is actually timed training fees, and other charges are not included, to attract students, registration and other fees. So when contact must ask what is included in the fees charged by not looking only at lower cost, so as not to be misleading.
2. school uniform
most of the country has been unified timing training, that is, each trained by a coach to teach a student (commonly known as "coach" or "area a"), trainees who have completed the required hours to participate in "road tests", qualified to receive a driver's license. Driving schools learn to drive time is defined by participants, call about the car.
the most important quality of service traffic management on an annual basis to a driving qualification certification, there is no government departments organized competitions. So at the time of registration should pay attention to the quality of its services, not only listen to one side, be sure to carefully select the credibility and high driving school, the best choice for those driving school of quality management system certification, they have a whole big service quality control procedures, training quality and service than the driving school.
4. don't get too fancy "concessions,"
"free" and "free" is the word most each driving school admissions with, almost all driving schools is free shuttle, free onsite service, in fact, these tuition fees in fees have been hit by, simply transform it differently. Some participants at the time of registration because of too much fancy "free" and "free", but neglected to grasp of the training quality and service standards. Many driving schools in training quality of service complaints, as "promotion" and "gift" does not dispute occupied a large proportion of the cash.
5. computer examination criterion
at present, the implementation of a scientific and standardized computer exam, you need to check all account and procedures were entered into the computer. "Road test" the subjects selected by the examiners on the computer, the participants displayed by the computer exam subjects and procedures, all very high process transparency, one-time passing rate between 80%-85%.
6. don't gullible promised
some driving school in registration Shi free to students promised, some said with to with learn, but really of reported has name, first is one months; some said phone about car, can students a call, always didn't people received, had to handle generation about procedures, another received 200-300 yuan ranging of about fare; also some promised a people a car, but in practice car Shi is to various reason, let three or four a people share a car coach car. Therefore, the application must supply the service and find out.

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