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The formal election should driving a driving test learner

Learn what are the selected driving technology? Learn what are the considerations for car driving test? All tell your selected driving technology.
to the comparative comfort of middle school a year when our city driving another car boom. Thus, a number of "black" and "black coach" blend. Repeated illegal phenomenon in recent years, severely disrupted the city's drivers ' training market.
"black", "black coach" problem, the city Transport Department said it would increase the intensity of combat, take both prevention and the combination of unblocking and approach, centralized power regulation, specification for city drivers ' training market, hurried into the healthy development of the market of drivers ' training. Meanwhile, will enhance the city's management of driving schools and coaches, strive to improve drivers ' training system in information management, regulate new or changed administrative licensing procedures of the coach car. For areas with a high incidence of illegal business operations, set the reasonable drivers ' training branch.
for further regulating the city's drivers ' training market, improving the quality of training, the city transportation management staff reminded members of the public, students must go to normal school, in illegal point not only driving training quality assurance, and simple training venues, there are certain security risks. Meanwhile, transportation management staff by encouraging the public to report "black", "black coach", if accidentally enter the learner through relevant channels in the illicit training reported to the urban transport sector.

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