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10 tips in mind fuel saving is no longer worried about oil prices soar

Luxury cars no longer were more than 10 years ago, more and more into the thousands. But "cars can't afford to burn oil" has become a popular word, then let us buy back what can be done to make it the most fuel-efficient car? Edit summary of some very helpful tips on fuel-efficient driving.
weight-loss journey, removed useless
Overload 100KG-use goods, will increase oil consumption of about 3%~5%. Closely related to vehicle fuel consumption and vehicle load, for unwanted items to be removed from the car.
check tire pressure often to maintain tire pressure normal
If the tire pressure is lower than normal 5OkPa, in urban and rural areas will increase fuel consumption of around 2.5% and 4% respectively. Regularly check the tire pressure. In addition, from the point of safety, regular inspection is also necessary.
touch on the accelerator, don't start to accelerate
touch on the throttle, slowly at first, can effectively reduce fuel consumption also contributes to safe driving, they should not rush blindly to accelerate.
driving at a constant speed, try to maintain a stable speed
driving speed is not stable, acceleration and braking times will increase fuel consumption of urban and rural areas will also be increased by 2% and 6%. According to traffic conditions, as far as economic speed range constant speed driving.
Lane, road speed average speed dropped from 40km/h 20km/h
, 40% more about fuel consumption. Carts or the slow take up the fast lane for a long time, will significantly reduce traffic speed, increasing vehicle fuel consumption. Recommended traffic separation schemes.
courtesy of humility, don't force drastic turn
each other at the intersection of humility, which not only affect road safety, will also reduce the speed of traffic, increasing vehicle fuel consumption. Recommended drivers polite humility, join hands to reduce energy consumption.
expansive loose throttle in advance can save oil use engine anti-dragged brake
can save fuel consumption of about 2%, stop position of prior cases, ahead of expansive engine anti-dragged brake to slow down. When decelerating or when going downhill, or you can use engine anti-dragged brake.
parking stall, parking the Jeep
for a long time in space, and without turning on the air conditioning, 10 minutes of idling wastes 0.13 litres of fuel, it is recommended that shut down the engine when the parking.
less use of air conditioners, air conditioning of waste oil
in the case of outdoor temperatures reach 25 ℃, the use of air conditioning, increased fuel consumption of about 14%, according to the weather conditions, timely adjustment of temperature and air flow, temperature should not be set too low.
warm up properly, can drive side edge warm up     warm when driving cars to improve fuel consumption, but 5 minutes of warm up to 0.16 per cent of fuel consumed. Apart from cold areas or special circumstances, petrol cars warm-while-driving car

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