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Drive fuel-efficient tips

1, the best speed in motion
, EFI car engine generally turns about 2200-2500 best. No matter what gear, keeping the engine rpm at around 2200-2500. Low speed vehicles go farther, and doesn't consume much gas aisles, plus engine high speed increase the invalid fuel consumption, it hurt the engine.
2, top speed
most fuel-efficient driving is a straight line at a constant speed, speed of the most fuel-efficient small cars is 60-80 kilometers per hour, cars are 80-100 km 0.
3, controlling
shift shift speed to slightly more than the normal running state when oil tachometer reaches more than 2,500 more. If it is below 2000 RPM shift, shift speed is also going down, feeling out of gear, and come on back, instead of more fuel.
4, the same word,
not overtaking on the road for a while, change lanes, overtaking, while emergency refueling, brakes, oil and cars, several times more dangerous, unworthy, unnecessary. When driving their cars in mind does not change course, no overtaking, maintaining speed and even speed, safe and fuel-efficient.
5, do not brake
if they need to stop, should decelerate in advance, glide speed, rather than rush to the front brakes. Brake is actually consumed valuable gasoline, brake more, waste more.
6, take the right path, take the road less
road traffic jam calendar if you want to go, and low speed running, fuel consumption is very large, might as well find a longer road of good roads, fuel efficient cars.
tire pressure tire pressure is normal. Tire pressure is too high or too low, it will increase the fuel consumption. Tire pressure to be executed strictly in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer's instructions. To avoid roads in summer heat, especially when running long distance tyre heating, gas expansion within the tire, pressure increase can be slightly reduced a little pressure, subtract 10%.
8, half tank
reducing the body weight, is to reduce fuel consumption. Not filled a tank in the city run cut, this is the "fuel oil"! Taking into account the fuel pump in the tank, petrol radiator cooling, so if you don't go away, keep half a tank is best. Meanwhile, cars must be streamlined, less weight, save oil.

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