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Auto air conditioning maintenance five principles let the car cool summer

In the coming summer, car air conditioning may not be less than that of the radio frequency. But this seemingly simple automotive air conditioning, an increasing number of private car owners there will not work in, make a joke really. How effective and safe use of car air conditioning actually learned quite a lot.
, how to respond to bad refrigeration effect
in most cases, no proper use is the biggest culprit.
internal circulation improve refrigeration efficiency
while not advocating long-term use of air conditioning in the circulatory function, but if you want to achieve the fastest and most efficient cooling, internal circulation must not be ignored. Another role of
cycle is to prevent contaminated air to enter, if car speeds on the dusty roads, cycling can prevent external dust to enter. Hot

exhaust compartments when the window is closed, and air conditioning systems are the most efficient. But if the car parked in the hot sun for a long time, when it is very hot inside the car, after turning on the air conditioning, should open the window, wait for the hot air inside the car out again close. Air conditioning refrigeration speed will be greatly accelerated.
choose a wind shift
motor in normal operation, to prevent evaporator with excessive Frost, affecting the operation of the air conditioning system, air conditioning send wind speed and lowest temperature control should be placed for a long time. But when speed is less than 25km/h, and wind speed should be switched into low gear to avoid electricity shortages and insufficient air-conditioning.
selected the outlet direction
refrigeration air conditioning blowing wind up best when, as cold air goes down, wind shift best blows blocked. Adjust the air outlet up the best, do not select blows windshields that block, because the windshield temperature is very high, will offset a large cooling effect.
II, how to maintain automobile air conditioning
because of the complex working environment relative to home air conditioning, automotive air conditioning needs "care".

check compressor belt if the belt surface contact with the pulley Groove side light, and when the air conditioner is started with "squeaking" noise, indicating the belt skidding, you should replace the belt and pulleys; if the belt is too loose adjustment should be granted, or easy to make poor refrigeration air conditioning system.
check the hose of the air conditioning system for oil. If a leak is found, go to the maintenance department to solve.
clean condenser
during the summer when air conditioning is used with a hose to wash the condenser because the surface cleaning of the condenser heat into the outside world. Periodically clean condenser surfaces, refrigeration air conditioning system can be greatly improved.
check the refrigerant liquid height
dryer observation window, you can check the refrigerant liquid height. Glass peepholes are usually installed in the dryer on top of the lid, engine running and the air conditioning system, peephole in observing the flow of refrigerant through the glass. If the air conditioner works fine, can be seen from the peep hole clean coolant is constantly flowing, and occasionally with some bubbles entrained in high temperatures, turn off the air conditioning systems can see small bubbles.
refrigerant should be enough
through the dryer inlet pipeline and to measure the temperature difference between the export pipeline, or through the manifold pressure gauge for testing. Of course, these efforts will need to rely on the workshop.
three, how to deal with the brakes soft
many pilots reflect the vehicle braking performance will deteriorate when used in air conditioning, which in the carburetor equipped engines and low performance of electronic control fuel injection engine vehicle is particularly prominent.
the reason for this is that, when vehicle air conditioning the engine load bigger, declined to reduce vehicle dynamic performance, the engine idle speed lifting device for control system are equipped with air conditioning. This device is via a solenoid or vacuum suction to throttle up slightly at an angle to achieve. When braking, even if the driver releases the accelerator pedal, intake manifold pipe behind throttle did not meet normal vacuum, so it could affect the vehicle's braking effect, which in more obvious on the smaller displacement engines. So, hot summer days, when your air conditioning is on, take the brake, you need to pedal harder than usual.
stop air conditioning, poisoning experts advise, car air conditioning for a long time, can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide produced is due to the engine in idle state, gasoline-burning is not sufficient, producing large amounts of carbon monoxide emissions. To prevent air leaks are often close all Windows when opened in the air, causing carbon monoxide cannot be discharged, exhaust gas gathering in the car, people will unconsciously to carbon monoxide poisoning. Mild nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, and weight can cause mental disorders, bowel incontinence, paralysis of limbs, or even respiratory paralysis, cardiac arrest and death. Our side has lost the life story.
should say carbon monoxide poisoning prevention, in addition to frequently check cars outside of the seal is tight, if the vehicle is parked, continue to use air conditioning, do not close the window, should pay attention to ventilation in the car. Remind you that the vehicle even when driving, should always open the window for air.
v, how to get rid of air conditioner odor
a lot of people reflect, own vehicle air conditioners don't have enough wind, mixed with dust, musty odor. Clean air conditioning may cause motorists to dizziness, nausea, or even suffer from respiratory diseases.
in order to solve this problem, dismantling, cleaning the evaporating Chamber is the most thorough way, the method to eliminate the odor, but each removal, fluoride and fluoridation needed a series of processes, problems and high technical difficulty, the owners costs a lot of money to be paid. There is a special new type of air conditioner odor removal sprays come into being. We just need to air conditioner, wind under extracorporeal circulation, closes the window, outside air inlet from the spray products, continuous spray 10 seconds to 20 seconds, this product with the duct, attached to the evaporation Chamber surface, product functions, kill the mold, thus further to clear odors, and purify the air inside the car.

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