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Registration notice
Registration notice
1, applicants need to 18-70 (C1-C2 Photo), height above 1.5-meter, good health, eyesight logarithmic Visual acuity chart 4.9 per cent, no red-green colorblind.
2, a Shanghai friend when signing up, please bring ID card.
3, friends in the field when signing up, please bring along their identity cards and temporary residence permits more than one year.
4, active duty military personnel when signing up, with military ID and ID card you want. If no identity card, required units above the regimental level proves that certificates include troop addresses,
home address and 18-bit ID number.
5, already hold a license needs to increase type friends must deal with increased driving procedures, registration please bring your original driver's license, and the original driver's license must be at least one year.
6, student registration

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