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Shanghai XING XING driving school, is a professional driver training in Shanghai one of the units. Schools have advanced multimedia classrooms, regular classrooms, 30 Santana coach cars, Jetta coach 30 cars, large cargo training car 10, small electronic Flip device, 13000 meters of cement pile in the training space, occupying an area of 1000 Mu "international standard fully enclosed training ground" is under construction. XING driving school, driving school, Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai Star, driving prices, car prices in Shanghai Shanghai, Shanghai which is driving good money, Shanghai, Shanghai car car driving good, driving schools in Shanghai, Shanghai car registration phone numbers has a strong faculty, rich experience and strict management system, comfortable learning environment. Shanghai XING XING driving school all of the coach cars, all consistent with the DMV test models of new cars, prone to failure, will not delay the students ' learning time. Shanghai XING XING driving school professional instructors are students theory test's right-hand man, experienced coaches will help them within the shortest possible time, skilled master driving skills. Shanghai XING XING driving school
strict implementation of quality management standards, "law, student-centered, de weekend, highlighting skills, continuous improvement, innovation" approach to teaching, provides students with a first-class service, and accept the supervision of trainees and student satisfaction surveys, depending on your needs, continuous improvement, improve the quality of service. With minimal investment, have a most excellent service, return to the students and community, students choose the school, will be able to make their own professional skills, become useful only to social development.

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